Mindlegs.com breaks the mind-body self understanding down to basic building blocks (like Lego) and tells you how to assemble them for success.

Get proven processes, gain laser-like focus, join the  community of the best riders in the world  and reprogram your brain for superhuman ability 


Our personalized coaching method is designed to fit you and ensure you reach your Goals! We make sure you understand how your body works, so you can Win!

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Mindlegs is the most effective coaching program for cyclists.

Our offer is simple: TO WIN

What is to Win? from improving your performance, being in shape, fitter, stronger, faster, to win the hardest races in the world. To become a "Leave them behind" rider !! 

Why are we the most effective program in the market ? 

It’s not only because we have a revolutionary training plan or because our coaches are the best in the world. No one has the magic touch. That’s a lie. Coaches and its plans come and go, while you are evolving in time, Making any miraculous method of training obsolete.

What we do is to give you the tools to understand how works your body when it is pushed to the limit. 

We test you in every possible aspect from Physical, Functional Threshold Power (FTP), High cadence test, Recovery test, Sprints test, Fondo test, Energy distribution test, Nutrition and how to boost your energy, Strength test, Stretching test, Phycological strength test and Stress sport test.

Then We show you how to overcome your limits in every possible aspect! We show you how to WIN!

Your Head Coach and friend,

Santiago Asmar

What you get with Mindlegs!

We give more value to our members. You will get all the Guides, Training sessions, Pro-Cyclist Methods and Advise!

Nutrition guide

You will get the exact Nutrition guide according to yourBody type guideline to get better and more consistent results.

Mental guide

We prepared the most advanced Mental guide of practical tools to train your mindset and face all types of challenges.

Training sessions

Our Training guide are customized to you and your goals. Tests plus performance peak training plans will be prepared for you.  

Head Coach Advice

You will communicate through Text Messages with your own Personal Coach. He will support you in your training with different Race strategies.

Pro-Cyclist Methods

You will get the Methods of our Professional Cyclist in our Network. They will share their secrets on how they prepare and train for better performance.

Pro-Cyclist Videos

You will get access to Professional Cyclist Videos in the Mindlegs Network, showing you and advising you on how to improve and reach your goals.

Why Mindlegs?

We are not a training plan.

We are a program that focuses on you. We want to make you understand how your body works when is pushed to its limits.

What we are looking for:

1. To discover your weaknesses and strengths 

2. To know your current situation. From where we are starting. 

3. To know your limits. 

So with us you will know not only what’s your 100% performance in every aspect but how to overcome that point and becoming an endurance rider, Faster, stronger and more focused.

We will build the best version of yourself!

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